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Why should you register with our website?

There are many benefits and privileges that come from joining our Buyers Club.

   1. Registered users will receive a 10% discount on all future purchases.*

   2. Registration will make check out much faster.

   3. Registered users, if they so choose, will be notified of special offers in advance.

   4. Registered users will qualify for special discounts not advertised on the website.

   5. Registered users will be able to write reviews about products.

   6. Registered users will be able to keep and share a Wish List on the website.

   7. Registered users will be able to track the status of current orders.

   8. Registered users will be able to review previous orders.


Who is eligible?

      We do not ship outside the continental U.S.A., so registration is open to customers inside the continental U.S.A. only.

What will we do with your info?

      NOTHING! We are committed to your online privacy & security. We will not share any info you provide with any other business, organization or third party. The info we collect is used exclusively to make your viewing and purchasing experience at our website more enjoyable.

How do we protect your information?

      In order to safeguard information provided by you, we have appropriate electronic, physical, and procedural safeguards. We utilize standard encryption/security technology to protect data transfer and our information systems are treated with the highest regard for security. In addition, we limit access to customer information to only our authorized personnel.


      As with most websites, we utilize a standard technology called "cookies" to differentiate you from other shoppers and to store and retrieve information about your interaction with the website, like the items in your shopping cart or wishlist.

* Please allow 24 hours for activation of 10% discount status.
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